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Our Programs

Our Sustainable Development Programs

Raising Academic Achievement

The organization will provide print and non-print resources to the library media center to supplement classroom instruction and extend learning. To increase reading, kids, teachers, and parents need resources.

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Sustainable Women Development Program

KOEEDO integrates rural women into sustainable rural and national socio-economic development. They train rural women in farming, food preservation, cookstoves, renewable energy, and cooperative movements. They help women get small-business loans.

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Rural Afforestation Program (Farm Forest Project)

Afforestation solves environmental and socio-economic problems in KOEEDO's Farm Forest Project. The million-tree project is 20% complete. Afforestation increases air, wood, soil, water, and revenue. KOEEDO intends the project to train farmers and community groups.

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Women Groups Empowerment

KOEEDO helps grassroots women groups in Kenya use their cultural knowledge and talents to make money. They encourage permaculture, agroforestry, horticulture, energy-saving technologies (cookstoves, solar cookers), pottery, handicrafts, and roofing materials.

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Volunteering Programs

KOEEDO offers international volunteer programs for rural development projects. The Farm Forest Project, for example, allows volunteers to help with permaculture, pest management, poultry, and livestock husbandry. Volunteers in Kenya pay for airfare, medical insurance, and other personal expenditures..

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Sponsorship Programs

KOEEDO provides sponsorship opportunities for individuals who want to support someone to participate in the volunteering programs. Sponsors can help cover the expenses of a volunteer, including airfare and accommodation.

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People with disabilities

KOEEDO is committed to promoting inclusive travel experiences for all individuals, including those with disabilities. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonders of Japan without limitations. With this vision in mind, we have taken various steps to ensure that our website and services are accessible and accommodating to people with disabilities.

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