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Welcome to KOEEDO, the Kogelo Empowerment For Economic Development Organization—a catalyst for positive change and sustainable development in communities. Committed to enhancing the lives of individuals and fostering long-term prosperity, KOEEDO focuses on critical areas such as education, healthcare, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Through its innovative initiatives and collaborative approach, KOEEDO is transforming communities and creating a brighter future for all.


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Kogelo Empowerment for Economic Development Organization (KOEEDO) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose main objective is to advance development in rural areas in Kenya and potentially other areas in Africa through Health, Environment/Climate change, and academic opportunities that promote innovation, creativity, and leadership. The organization was founded to alleviate poverty levels and to unleash the unused potential among the youth of Africa at the grassroots.
We aim to create and re-create opportunities for the youth, young women, and their communities by bringing resources together. The strategic plan of the organization is to identify and develop the most innovative and creative students/youth and young women with leadership potential by networking and sharing resources. We provide educational opportunities, support for children s health and empowerment programs, create working relationships with universities across the globe to consider supporting the students, and will soon begin vocational training and community library at our resource center for underprivileged students (males and females alike). We are also determined to form internship/attachment opportunities with various professionals whereby we expect our students to learn about professions of their interests.
By working together with the youth and women at the grassroots, we believe that our bottom-up approach will greatly help unleash the potential that could translate into economic development, raising of living standards, and thus alleviating poverty within communities. As a network base for achievers, we invite various, cooperates, well-wishers, NGOs, INGOs, and Volunteers to help us move forward to achieve our goals. We believe that by working together with us, we will not only give you a chance to continue with your personal growth but also help you to create a long-lasting positive effect on many generations.
I sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider joining us in our endeavors and wish you the very best.

Yours faithfully,

Robinson Stanley Obadha

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Robinson Stanley Obadha
Executive Director